Delivery Time: 1-7 Days

Price: $ 27

Service Status Info: Service is stable and typically replying one batch per week, due to the nature of this service some batches can take longer than others. If for any reason you cannot wait you can cancel anytime and we can refund your money.


  • Stolen
  • Stolen - Insurance
  • Lost
  • EIP Blocked - Jump14
  • Unrecoverable

Not Suported:

  • Fraud

NoteOnce your device is cleaned, it can be used on T-Mobile. However, it is recommended to unlock your device and use it on another network because T-Mobile can block it again at anytime. Using on their network raises the chance of them noticing that it was blacklisted before and we are not responsible if T-Mobile blacklists your IMEI again. If it happens, then resubmit it to clean IMEI.

Important InfoThere will NO VERIFICATION after 7 days of order due to possible reporting by phone owner of lost or stolen / insurance claims / non payment of financing. We are not responsible for re-blocked after 7 days. We hope you understand before ordering. If device becomes reblocked for any reason, you will have to reorder unfortunately.

Refund Policy: Refunds are allowed in this service but please be patient if you want a refund we must get approval from the supplier.


You can check your IMEI Status