Delivery Time: 1-3 Hours

Price: $ 40

This Service is live Monday-Friday from 9-5 PST.

This service is done remotely via our USB Software. This service may or may not work depending on other factors, the technician will let you know during the process if this service will work for you. After placing your order, please visit our Live Chat to speak with one of our HammerUnlock Technicians to guide you through the process. The service is 1-3 Hours once HammerUnlock Technician is online and depending on internet speed.

  • This only removes the lease lock from the device, if your device is not unlocked, have it unlocked first. You will not be able to re-use the device back on Sprint. Device must be unlocked first.
  • Download our Remote Support Tool!hZsBBLxY!Gk8INMsQSi0mTRjcJuKUUm0tzQvlH3wOZkcaZYga55E<----Must Install
  • Please include our Remote Support Tools ID with your request

Models Supported

  • Samsung S9
  • Samsung S9+
  • Samsung Note 9

Information: Phone will need to be factory reset and everything will be erased. The technician will not ask your permission. By ordering this service you are agreeing to these terms and have read this.

Please note: If the device does not boot, is stuck in recovery or a bootloop, can not boot to android or to welcome wizard, the order may be rejected or an increase in cost to fix device.

This service is for Lease Lock Removal and Carrier Rebranding, it will not Unlock your device, your device must be unlocked before using this service. You will not be able to use the device back on sprint after removal.


  • Our USB Software
  • Windows XP / 7 / 8 / 10 (MAC NOT Supported)
  • 20GB Free Storage HardDrive and 4GM RAM required
  • Stable Internet
  • Supported Cell Phone Cable