Delivery Time: 10-30 Mins

Price: $ 24.99

This service Monday through Friday only 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST.

Models Supported:

  • SM-G960U (SPR)
  • SM-G965U (SPR)


  • Our USB Software: Click here and run <<<<----- Please Install this!
  • O/S: Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (Mac is not supported)
  • RAM: 4GB
  • Free Space: 60 GB
  • High speed connection min 5MB Down and 1 MB Up
  • OEM USB Type - C Cable (Not eBay / Chinese knock off cables.)

Installation Needed: Click here and run <<<<----- Please Install this!

Instructions: Wait for a qualify technician for further instructions.

What this service is:

  • This service will SIM unlock your device. 
  • This service is performed by a technician remotely using a USB cable.
  • This service supported Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST
  • This service IS NOT a FRP (Factory Reset Protection | Google Account Lock | Reactivation Lock) removal service, if device has FRP use FRP removal services.
  • This service IS NOT a cleaning service. (It will not clean or change the status of the IMEI for service providers).
  • This service DOES NOT remove the lease lock from Sprint. 
  • This service DOES NOT rebrand/change branding/startup logos/shutdown logos or remove carrier bloat ware. This service is for SIM unlocking device only. 

Some things to know:

  • This service may FDR (Factory Data Reset) the device, please know the technician will not ask to do this.
  •  Check and validate device IMEI for blacklisting/lost stolen. Refunds will not be given.
  • This service is for SIM unlocking the device, any additional setup such as APN, MMS, Data or any other services are not provided and are not guaranteed to work. In most cases the device's should function as normal however this service is strictly for unlocking the device. 
  • We do not guaranteed any functionality to work from one carrier to another, only calls and texting can be guaranteed to work if device is not blacklisted/reported lost stolen etc on GSM networks. This dot not include carriers such as Verizon/Page plus or any other Verizon MVNO due to the carrier being CDMA/LTE. If you need the device to work properly on Verizon/Page plus/MVNO of Verizon it may require the device to be rebranded, check our services for Unlock + Rebrand instead.
  • Please note, because of the nature of how Sprint device's work, they may not show your carriers name in the upper left or right hand corner and may continue to show Sprint as the carrier name. This is a normal behavior of these devices.


  • Please copy/paste your Order # and HammerUnlocks Remote Support # in our live chat.